Crosses of Columbine
School violence end the lives of 15 children at Columbine High School.

The Negative Impact of removing
the Bible, School Prayer and
the Ten Commandments from our Schools.

Bill of Right: Constitution
Establishment and Exception Clause alters the First Amendment.
Founding Father Quotes
Founding Father Quotes on the Importance of Morals in Education
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School Shooting Stats
School Shooting Stats show increase as God is removed from schools

David Barton of Wall Builders has studied the statistical records for the past 60 years. In each study you can clearly see a negative impact starting around the year 1962 when School Prayer was removed! Teenage pregnancy rates have gone up 500% since 1962. Unmarried mothers have risen dramatically since 1962. The divorce Rate is so high that many young children don't really understand what a family is. Violent Crimes have risen steadily since the early 60's, and our prison system is bursting at the seams. The SAT scores have steadily declined each year for 18 straight years since 1962 and continue to decline or be low. We once had the best school system in the world, and we are now ranked about 15th among the industrialized nations. This is despite us spending more money then any other nation in the world on our school system. As the poorly educated enter the workforce how can our companies compete with other international industries?

Here you can see the effect
of removing School Prayer

Government Records show the top 7 leading problems in our schools ranked in order from first to seventh, 1940 and 1990. Notice the differences in type and seriousness.

      1940        1990

1. Talking out of turn 1. Drug abuse

2. Chewing Gum              2. Alcohol abuse   

3. Making noise 3. Pregnancy

4. Running in the Halls 4. Suicide

5. Cutting in Line 5. Rape

6. Dress-code violations 6. Robbery

7. Littering 7. Assault   

In addition to the increase in social problems in the schools has be a decline
in college entrance scores following the Supreme Court Rulings.

Government SAT ScoresTake

It is interesting to note that Christian Schools have much higher SAT scores then the public schools, and yet they spend less dollars per student then the public schools. In fact David Barton says their scores are still near the 1962 levels! It appears that teaching about God has a very positive impact on education!

We have gone from public schools which taught moral principles and good citizenship with high scholastic achievement, to schools that have disrespect for authority, sex, drugs, anger, knives, guns, murder, no moral teachings, no mention of God and low SAT scores.

Even more troubling is the dramatic increase in school shootings deaths following the Supreme Courts hostility to God.  see the School Shooting stats on the next page.

David Barton has a number of books, videos, and tapes covering these related topics.  On the last page of this web site are links to Wall Builders web site where you can purchase these items on line.   

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