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The year 2002 was a special Year marking 200 Years Since
Thomas Jefferson Wrote to the Danbury Baptist & 40 Years Since the
Regency School Prayer was Outlawed.

The year 2003 marks the 40th anniversary of
Murray vs Curlett
The outlawing of school prayer and Bible reading

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When the Supreme Court handed down its rulings on School Prayer and Bible reading the nation was stunned: Rev. Billy Graham said that he was "shocked at the decision." Former president Harry S. Truman, said prayer "never hurt anybody", and it makes "good citizens out of them." Although there was public outcry at the time, many other things were happening in the nation to distract the publics attention away from this crucial issue, and the Supreme Court rulings have stood for 40 years. It is interesting to note that not one Christian denomination mounted a legal defense against the atheist assault on our schools.

I believe that June 17th, 1963, has to be one of the blackest days in American history. On that day our government turned its back on God and the First Amendment.  Thomas Jefferson must have turned over in his grave when he saw the Supreme Court use his letter of Assurance to the Danbury Baptist that the government would never interfere with citizens God given right to practice their faith, as the Court outlawed school prayer.

Christians, Jews, and Muslims today should realize that by sending your children to the public schools, you are sending them to learn about scientism, humanism, capitalism, secular atheism and democracy devoid of the divine influence, guidance, and grace of God.  I for one, do not feel that my tax dollars should be spent on a system which teaches children things I consider immoral such as "Do as you please", and Situational Ethics. This is the Religion of Secularism which is forced on our children each day. It is little wonder that after 12 years of atheist indoctrination many graduating students see little need for God and have a feeling that Religion is backward, superstitious and for the uneducated. As fewer and fewer of the young see a need for God, main stream Christian Church membership continues to decline, while secular society continues to grow. The secular utopia is displayed in Movies and TV, with foul language, nudity, homosexuality, sex, drugs and excessive violence.


There has been a myth that for the past 40 years the government has been Separated from Religion. Actually 40 years ago is when the Government started crossing over that Jeffersonian wall, meddling in the people's Freedom of Religion. The Federal Government has erected Walls of Atheism around our schools.  Below are eight ways the Supreme Court has violated the First Amendment and the U.S. Constitution. 
  1. First, there is no "Separation of Church and State" Clause in the U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights. The Court has referred to a clause that simply does not exist in our founding documents! The source of this idea has been taken out of context and reinterpreted to mean just the opposite of what was intended by Jefferson.
  2. The Court has violated the Freedom of Religion clause by forbidding children to pray in school.   First Amendment " or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"
  3. They have violated the Establishment clause by Establishing a Secular Religion in our public schools which has its own anti-religious value system.
  4. They have violated the Freedom of Speech clause by forbidding people to say public prayers out loud at school football games and at graduation ceremonies.
  5. They have violated the Freedom of Press by forbidding the posting a of the Ten Commandments for viewing in classrooms.
  6. They have altered the First Amendment by effectively adding an "Exception" Clause to the First Amendment which allows First Amendment Freedoms, except where the Court proscribes. This alteration of the First Amendment is not within the vested powers of the Court.
  7. The Court has undermined our Democracy by pushing minority viewpoints above the will of the majority, and forcing all of society to accept the minority Atheist Secularism.
  8. In addition the Court has acted as a National Censoring Board, limiting what can be said and printed. This is not the function or purpose of the Court.
This is not a fight only about Christian rights, but really about Freedom and Liberty for all Americans as prescribed by our Constitution. The Supreme Court has trashed the First Amendment of the Constitution. I predict that, if this Freedom is not restored, that all our Freedoms will disappear in the next generation. Our government will be forced to resort to more and more force to keep law and order on an increasing violent population, and will necessitate further limiting of civil liberties. Re-read John Adams (link) warning to the military on a previous page. If this happens, America will no longer be a free nation, but one ruled by force with intolerance to any opposing ideas. The flame of freedom will have died, and we as a leader of nations will have faded. What nation in the world will follow a nation that proclaims freedom and liberty, but denies it to its own citizens?

The Constitutional Restoration Act (Senate bill 2082) has been proposed as a way to stop activist judges from declaring public expressions toward God "unconstitutional".   You can learn more about this very important pending legislation on the text link in this paragraph.  We encourage you to sign the Declaration of Freedom petition and send them to your US Senators and Congressmen, so this bill will be passed and enacted into law.

If we fail at this, the country will step away from Freedom, back into the Dark Ages, and God will no longer Bless America.

Last Update Sept. 2011