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Here are some steps you can take to make a difference.

David Barton is well versed in early American History and expert on the Constitution. He has written a number of books and made audio and video tapes on this subject. His library has many original books and manuscripts from which he has learned the truths of our American Heritage. Watch some of his video's; they are professionally done and David is an engaging speaker with a lot of historic knowledge, and he won't put you to sleep. His insights can be real eye openers. You can order materials at the Wall Builders Home Page at

Read Thomas Jefferson's letter to the Danbury Baptist , and decide for yourself what Jefferson was saying about Religious freedom.  Use the link below, to see a transcript of Jefferson's letter to the Danbury Baptist.

Jefferson's Letter to the Danbury Baptist (You can view an image of the actual letter at the Library of Congress web site)

Petition the Government. Write, e-mail, or fax your U.S. senators, your House Representative, the President and Vice President. Remind them that they took an oath to up hold the Constitution of the United States, and it is their duty to hold all branches of the government accountable. For the past 40 years the First Amendment of the Constitution has been distorted and ignored by our state and federal courts.
Here are some e-mail address:

You can find out how to contact your senator and congressman at the following WEB sites.

Some mailing address:  
The White House (the President)
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington DC, 20500

Your Senator Name
The Senate
Washington DC, 20510

Your U.S. Representative Name
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington DC, 20515

  Join Free to Pray by sending us an e-mail at . We will keep you informed of events that are important to your Freedoms as an American with by-weekly, e-mails. We would be glad to hear from you.

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 Watch Dr. D. James Kennedy on Sunday mornings from Coral Ridge Ministries. Check their web site for broadcast times in your area. Join Reclaiming America , and they will send you a booklet "101 Ways to Reclaim America" . You can sign up at their web site. Find more info at

Become Pro-active in Your Community to make a change for the better. Here are a few steps you can take that will lead to changes in your community, state and nationally.

  • Register and vote in elections for candidates that support religious freedoms.
  • Inform members of your church about candidates that support Family & Religious Values, by handing out voter guides.
  • Form a Political Action Committee that address issues in your schools and community such as pornography, teen pregnancy, gays, and religious freedoms to name a few.
  • If the ACLU threatens a law suite in your community, there are a number of places you can now get legal help.  Go to Legal Help 

Last but not least, Pray. Pray for our country and its leaders. Pray that God will grant our elected officials wisdom to make just and righteous decisions in governing the people. Pray that the people we elect are just and honest men and women. Pray that our people in government will follow and uphold the Constitution, thus honoring the oath of office. And Pray that God will continue to Bless our great nation.

Do nothing, and you could see your freedoms disappear!. . .

David Barton

David Barton


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