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If we fail to teach our children the difference between right and wrong,
good and evil, we will become an immoral and lawless nation.

School Prayer from a historical and Legal view point.  A review of court cases not covered on other web sites.

Wall Builders has a wide selection of Books, Audios, and Videos on Religious Freedom.  See reviews on the Books and Video pages.  

All About History looks at the school prayer issue.

Concerned Women for America feel school prayer would help restore Americas moral values.

The American Family Association is an active organization which supports family values.  AFA has a great news letter with action alerts so you can make your voice hear in Washington and across the country.    

The School Prayer organization has a very moving video on the Columbine School Shootings.

The First Amendment Center interviews Engel of the Engel v. Vitale case. 

William Murray tells how society has declined since his mother, Maddlen Murray O'Hair got the Supreme Court to ban school prayer from the public schools in America.  See review of his book, "Let Us Pray".      

The Ashbrook center has a review of State preambles that acknowledge God.  Almost every State in the Union acknowledges and thanks God in their founding documents.  

Americans for Voluntary School Prayer sight good reasons why we need school prayer.

The Jeremiah Project is a large web site which covers a wide range if issues from a Christian perspective.   Well worthwhile exploring this site with interactive poll surveys and current info on culture and politics.  

The Exodus Mandate organization states that Public Schools devastate children and urge Christian parents to take their children out of the public school system.  Let My Children Go!
They also provide advice and support for families wishing to start home schooling.  On average children from Christian or home school have higher academic test scores.  

Truth in Action Ministries (formulary Coral Ridge) has weekly TV broadcasts in which they declare God's love for us and warn America of the dangers of turning away from God.  They educate citizens about the agenda of the ACLU, Americans United, and the Gay Lesbian community bend on making this country a secular and sinful nation.  

The Forerunner organization feels that removing School Prayer was a big mistake for America.   For Runner

Ears to Hear web site is a 4 star web site for people wanting to learn more honest information on the First Amendment, Separation of Church and State, the need for School Prayer and other related issues.   Read what Thomas Jefferson has to say about Separation of Church and State.  How the Supreme Court has acted agianst our Constitution.  Is America a Theocracy, and many more topics.  

One of the best sources to understand your rights is to go directly to the source and read our Founding Documents of Freedom.  Do a word search on any of these founding documents to see if the words "Separation of Church and State" exist any where in them.  
Read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or the Bill of Rights on line.

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