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A Nation that refuses to teach its children right from wrong, good from evil, will become a corrupt nation, where sin prevails, evil abounds, and children do as they please!

Free to pray is about Separation of Church and State, School Prayer, Religious Freedom, First Amendment, Bible reading, School Prayer, Ten Commandments


 Jefferson - First Amendment- Religious Liberity- School Prayer

The Separation of Church and State.
Supreme Court Rulings on Religious Freedom, School Prayer, Bible Reading, Ten Commandments  
Supreme Court Rulings on Religious Freedom

First Amendment - School Prayer- Religious Freedom- Bill of Rights
Establishment and Exception Clause Altered the First Amendment

 Religious Freedom, School Prayer, Ten Commandments, Bible Reading
How the Schools and Society have Suffered  

New England PrimerThe New England Primer taught children to read and at the same time the Holy Bible.

School Prayer in AmericaWatch the video on the history of School Prayer in America

When those children grow up and become leaders, corruption and tyranny will become the norm.  They will think it is OK to lie to the public, take public funds using it for themselves, act immorally, denounce God, and pass laws to restrict any criticism of their actions.  America will move away from Freedom to a state which has more controls and restrictions on its citizens. Are YOU SEEING any of this today?

Benjamin Franklin, the most secular of the Founding Fathers, made this warning,

"[O]nly a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters."


The Founding Fathers realized that a Moral Education which included School Prayer, Bible reading and learning Right from Wrong in the Ten Commandments and the Bible, would assure a Free and Civil Society.  The Founding Fathers sent their Children to Schools which had School Prayer, Bible study learning about the Ten Commandments, and Jesus Christ.  This was the foundation on which our nation was built.

From the time the Pilgrims landed in 1620 until the Supreme Court Rulings of 1963, (a span of 343 years) School Prayer and Bible reading were considered Religious Freedoms, during which children prayed and read the Bible in schools in America.


The following pages, explore 9 points of the First Amendment, School Prayer & Separation of Church and State in greater detail as follows:

1. The myth: "Separation of Church and State"
2. Supreme Court Ruling on Religious Freedom in Schools.
3. The exception clause vs. the 1st Amendment.
3. A Secular National Religion, when you eliminate school prayer.
4. The Negative impact on Education: Lower SAT scores.
5. The dramic increase in School Shootings.
6. Founding Father Quotes.
7. Supreme Court vs. God and the Constitution.

* Jefferson's Letter to the Danbury Baptist.
* What did Jefferson really believe about God.
* Colleges and University started by Churches in America.
* George Washington's Farewell Address.
* The Declaration of Independence.
* The U.S. Constitution </h6>
* The Bill of Rights

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Introduction Religious Freedom
  Introduction: Free to Pray
Separation of Church and StateSeparation of Church and State Thomas Jefferson & the First Amendment.
Establishment Clause & Exception Clause added to the First AmendmentAdding the Exception Clause & the Establishment Clause to the First Amendment
Negative Impact of Revoving God from Our SchoolsThe Negative Impace of Removing God from Our Public Schools
Americas School ShootingsAmerica's School Shooting Resulting from God's Removal from the Classroom
Quotes From the Founding FathersQuotes of the Founding Fathers on the Importance of Religion in Society 
Supreme Court v the First AmendmentThe Supreme Court v the Constitution: The Courts War on God and the First Amendment
Jefferson's Letter to the Danbury BaptistJefferson's Letter to the Danbury Baptist with the words Separation of Church and State
Darrell Scott Talks about School ShootingsDarrell Scott talks to Congress about School Shootings
Colleges Started by Christian DenominationsAn Outline History of Christian Churches Positive Influence on Education
Madalyn O'Hair Removes Prayer from Our SchoolsThe True Story of how the Communist Removed the Bible and Prayer from our Public Schools
Thomas Jefferson's Beliefs about GodThomas Jefferson's beliefs about God
Ten Commandment Monuments RemovalTen Commandment Monuments are being Removed Around the Country.
Communist Agenda to Take Over America
Communist Agenda to Take Over America as Laid Out in 1958.
Liberal Education in America today
Liberal Colleges and Schools are having a very negative affect on America.
New England Taught the BibleThe New England Primer taught Kids to Read and the Bible

In God We Trust: Our National MottoIn God We Trust is Our National Motto which is in the National Anthem.
Books and Videos
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Declaration of Independence    U.S. Constitution    Bill of Rights    God References in State Preambles    Poem: Mary Had a Little Lamb

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