George Washington Portrait
George Washington
portrait by Gilbert Stuart
printed on 67# White Card Stock
8.5" x 11"

George Washington Collector Portrait by Gilbert Stuart

  • George Washington Memorabilia Keepsake.   Hang this on your wall so your children and grandchildren will know that George Washington was the commander of the Continental Army, presided over the drafting of the Constitution, and was our first President.  
  • George Washington portrait by Gilbert Stuart (print).  (Image 5.8" x 6.3")  Blue and Red stripes frame the portrait. 
  • With Washington's Signature under the portrait. 
  • Image of the Purple Heart Washington Designed and awarded to his troops. 
  • Image of his Headquarters Flag (with 13 stars) used at Valley Forge.  
  • Image of the Betsy Ross Flag (13 stars in a circle with 13 stripes)  
  • Washington's adage, "First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen." 
  • Father of Our Nation, Commander of the Continental Army, Presided over the Continental Congress, First President of the United States of America (1789-1797)
  • Printed on 67# White Card.  (Sheet 8.5" x 11")  Suitable for framing. 
Makes a great Gift, also great for Teachers
or Homeschoolers

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